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Sometimes when i ATC on training server the planes disappear a lot and if a plane asks to taxi sometimes i might not see the option and the top button will be misc. messages and nothing else can someone tell me if this is a connection problem or something

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Hi, I had the same problem on both training and expert and I wasn’t able to do anything to get rid of it. My internet speed even from Moscow to New York is hundreds of megabits per second with less tahn 200,s ping, so it is probably not a connection issue. However, I remember Trio suggested turning all the graphics to the minimum, turning off the camera and reducing airplane count to 0, and I think it actually helped.

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Hey ok i will try that thanks

I would also recommend turning off the camera (if your controlling Radar) this way you get a black screen and it often helps with what you described above. If you get really comfortable with controlling without the camera then you can. Just keep in mind that it can get difficult.

Yes thank you

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