ATC instructions

What should I do when ATC is saying me to
A) make a 360 for spacing
B)Extend downwind
Also, I was Aeroflot 317 in Amsterdam expert server. If you was ATC there, please show my mistakes to me

Just make a spacing to the right or left


If you know the controller that was there, try to find him and PM him if you haven’t already.
A) They will either say make a left 360 for spacing, or a right 360 for spacing. In the given direction, make a turn that is 180°, or a U-turn. Once you do that, make another U-turn in the direction they told you. Basically, do a circle so that there is more space between you and the aircraft in front of you.
B) The basic traffic pattern of a runway is Upwind, Crosswind, Downwind, Base, and Final. When you’re on downwind, you’re parallel to the runway, and heading the opposite direction of traffic on final, which I’m sure you know what that is. When you’re given extend downwind, simply continue flying downwind, and do not turn base until instructed to do so


I did it. Then I continued inbound but ATC sad to follow instructions.

You did a full circle in to the right or left like they told you?

So, when I received message to extend downwind I was inbounding and was something about 60-70 degrees to runway( something like that, not 90, I already did left turn to runway) So, what should I do in situation like this?

Yes, I did full circle and then continued my inbound

Make left… means exactly that, turn left for 360 degrees. Or simply put, go in a full circle anti-clockwise.

Extend downwind means to continue your downwind leg, ATC will normally let you know when they want you turn base.

Check #tutorials for more info on dealing with ATC instructions.


Before flying in EXPERT SERVER be sure you understand all rules to avoid ghosting.


In this situation, turn back to the other direction to go back onto base

My English is very bad, I can’t understand your message. Should I continue inbound or what?

If you are turning to base, and you are told “extend downwind” turn in the other direction and go back to downwind

Если вы обращаются к базе, и вы сказали “расширить с подветренной стороны” повернуть в другую сторону и вернуться к подветренной

In fact it means me to make my heading like before turning base? It’s like going around

It’s what you said first. Going around is different

Which airport?

Maybe another person that’s Russian can help you?

Maybe this will help. Dark blue “make a left 360 for spacing”

Light blue “extend downwind” (don’t turn base until there is enough room between you and the aircraft in front of you.


Thank you very much

EDDL if I’m not mistaking

Then I was your controller. :) It makes sense, I think I remember you. It’s pretty (understatement) easy to see when someone doesn’t understand what you’re saying to them. However you got a fairly good explanation here!

Even though we might give “please follow instructions” and “check tutorials on the forum” messages, we aren’t ‘mad’ at you (unless you’re intentionally trolling, which you weren’t).

We are 100% here for you, to help! That’s basically why we, the ATCO’s are on the server in the first place. To ensure that you get the best experience on the server!

PM me if you have any questions on ATC commands, and I can explain them to you

хорошего дня!