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After the update there are some ATC saying no need for flight following or something in that nature after check in. What am i supposed to do here?

If you are flying IFR, simply check-in and leave it at that. VFR, say Flight Following (VFR). Skip the check-in for VFR.

Check-In lets you follow your FPL all the way to your destination. Requesting Flight Following (the non-VFR FF) and saying Check-In means the exact same thing.

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Ok thank you a lot this clears everything

Just gonna clarify things in the initial reply, since I was made aware the wording of it has caused confusion.

When I said “the non-VFR FF,” I’m referring to the FF button that doesn’t have VFR in parentheses in it. FF is a VFR service regardless of which button you press. Just that one is for VFR with an FPL, and the other is for VFR without an FPL. I was not saying that FF is IFR.

I was mainly trying to say “Check-In” and saying FF (the one without VFR in parentheses) both allow you to continue on your FPL. Saying both would be redundant.

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@ToasterStroodie summed it up well. If you have any further questions or aren’t sure about when to use Check In vs. Flight Following, feel free to refer to the topic below, written by the ATC Manager. It lays the concept out very nicely, making the content easy to understand and execute on the Expert Server.


Thanks a lot!

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