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So I Was Flying from Lison to Faro on the GPS Approach RW28 I believe at around 14,000. I was 7nm away from Faro when I contacted ATC stating that i was inbound to land RW28 on the GPS with Atis Information, and then the controller told me to check some ATC Tutorial on the forums so I responded with “standby” checked the fourms found nothing, went back to game to double check text and my game just restarted for some reason…

  1. I would like to know if I possibly Made a mistake (I’m not really a true expert but i know my ways of flying, still working on pattern work getting the hang of it)

  2. Anyone know the link to the ATC Tutorial for Pilot’s?

  3. Is it possible to not have my game restart when I switch apps😂

You can message the controller in question for more information on what happened.

Currently, GPS approaches are not being given.

Is it possible to not have my game restart when I switch apps😂

What do you mean by this?

Bro what you mean they not being given 🤔 that might be the problem lol ILS from now on :p

When calling inbound to tower for landing, you only say “inbound on the ILS, GPS, or Visual” if you have been previously cleared by an approach controller for that specific approach. If you call inbound without an approach controller, you are only supposed to say “inbound for landing”

Hope this helps.

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1.You only request inbound for GPS, ILS, Visual approach when there is an approach controller. If not you need to request a normal inbound
2. You can find tutorials here.
3. If the app is in background for too long app will crash.
Please contact your controller for more specific information. Have a nice day!

No approach was active at Faro,

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So no one cleared you for the approach therefore you can’t announce it on your own.

Well then the correct thing to do in that situation is use the command “inbound for landing”.


Thanks for the link bud :) ill check that out!

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I would suggest watching this playlist of videos. In order, start with the ground, tower etc. This will also help you understand things like pattern work.

Thanks man, ive actually seen a little bit of that video :p ill watch it on full!

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No worries there are 25 on the playlist, start with the basics ie the older videos. That’s what I used to get trained up for IFATC and that knowledge in general makes you a better pilot.

I’m probably just gunna chill on the training server until i learn everything 😂

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Being IFATC! thats a dream for me right there😂

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If you are unsure about ATC commands/instructions to give, flying on the Training Server and watching/reading tutorials is a great thing to do and will prepare you for the standards of the Expert Server.

Ill get reading then! Thanks for the help bro!

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I know it’s been answered, but also you can go on an IFATC controlled airport on the expert server and “observe” essentially. there was a thread about it earlier that has some rules. I’ll see if I can find it for you. you can sit at the airport in a non busy place and observe ATC to see how things work.

here you go @John_Downes

Planespotting and listening in to ATC?

hope this helps:)

Thats actually pretty interesting, I didn’t think that was a thing lol Thank You :)

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