ATC instructions

What does the command “make left/right traffic” mean??

It’s direction of turn. So if remaining in the pattern right traffic means you’ll be making a right hand circuit.

Exactly how it sounds, left means turn left of the runway heading, and vis versa. 07 is your landing runway in this picture, get told to make left traffic you would go left:) and again versa

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Have a look at the ‘remaining in the pattern’ tutorial to learn more, its a great video that explains all the above from the pilots perspective


Here arr pattern instructions. upwind is missing though

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To build on to everyone else, if ATC instructs you to go around, which ever direction they give you, is what you should follow. Crosswind, Downwind, Base and Final

Might I presume that you’re new enough that you request remaining in pattern upon mostly all of your takeoffs, even when you’re flying elsewhere?

If not, awesome, but if you do, that is a source of confusion for many new (and, honestly, some veteran) pilots in IF.


Here I have an amazing video for you. It explains a lot and it’s not too long

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