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As atc what does please expedite or right/left traffic on runways means?

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Trying to learn for ifatc

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Well, if you’re trying to learn for IFATC, these tutorials should help:

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It means get off the runway as quickly as possible. Used for if an aircraft is behind you landing that is closely behind (2-4NM) behind. Turn right or left depends on what side is the exit taxiway is located. If you’re ATC you use it so that the aircraft on final doesn’t need go around due to the aircraft that just landed is still currently on the runway.

Please expedite means to complete the command as quickly as possible while still maintaining control of your aircraft safely.

When you are talking about pattern entry, Make right downwind…, then what it means right is that when you are flying parallel to the runway on downwind the runway should be to your right. The same thing with left downwind being on your left side.

If you are talking about exit commands when it says “when able make left/right…” then that just means turn off the runway when able to the direction asked. If specified left then they should turn left the same thing with right.

If you are learning about basic Tower commands I highly recommend you watch the following tutorials

Also, check out #tutorials as they also have many ATC related tutorials.

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This is the route I took to become an IFATC, up to you if you want to follow my steps.
Here’s what I did:
1- Contact a trainer (can be found in the ATC Section) I had an Australian trainer since I’m in Australia, so try get one around your time zone.
2- Organise a time to train.
3- Once your recruiter thinks you’re ready to do the theory test he/she will hand you over to another trainer or will provide you the test.
4- Watch all of Tyler’s videos and make sure you understand them.
5- do the theory test.
6- Do the practical test (only if you pass theory test)

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Don’t get what are operations, i have 181

An operation is counted for each clearance issued. This includes tower takeoff and landing clearances along with approach clearances for the ILS and GPS which are worth more operations. A user can also gain an operation for aircraft serviced with radar vectors or flight following while working a radar facility.

I dis a clearence and it didnt go up

It won’t go up instantly. If you do 1 single clearance you’ll never recognise it going up.

What u mean

So I open on the expert server for 2-4 hours every day (average). I usually take Ground/Tower/Atis for an hour at a time then have a break. In that hour I clear 100-200 people to land/take off depending on traffic. Each time you clear a single aircraft you get 1 operation.

Correct me if I’m wrong

But the point is that i cleared once and didn’t go up to 182, sorry but I don’t understand.

  • Your operation count won’t go up immediately
    Also, sometimes it takes an extended period of time for your operation count to update, so don’t worry :)

Just cleared a takeoff rn and didn’t go up

It’s not going to go up immediately

When does it

Don’t exactly know, but it takes a bit of time to register

Ok thank you

Do clearance to pushback/taxi count?