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A few questions on ATC

The last couple of days I’ve been flying out of EGLL and as you know the Airspace can be pretty busy. For instance I will be in contact with Heathrow departure but I will also have requests from Paris Centre and London Centre to join their radio frequency? Can the controllers not see that I am on the Heathrow departure frequency?

I’ve also on occasion taken off from EGLL and the tower controller will pass me onto departure who will then sometimes request I change frequency before I have even left EGLL air space?

I’ve also noticed while on the expert server the ATC services are not as populated as the training server?

I’m still learning IF and I’m also a Private Pilot so I try fly as close to reality as I can. I do hope to fly from Dublin to a GA airport close to a London one day if possible and using infinite Flight ATC is definitely helping me to deal with large volumes of ATC work.

Here’s a picture just because planes are cool 😎



Controllers have the ability to see what frequency you’re tuned into, but I’m assuming you were flying on training server which controllers are not properly trained. Some are learning others may be just controlling for “fun.”

Some times this is the case. Expert ATC is all voluntary so there’s no set requirements in terms of controllers controlling every day all hours of the day. While most times there’s a good amount of distribution of ATC service on expert, there’s going to be days where there’s not much ATC services.

Would recommend flying on expert server for a more professional experience with ATC. While, training server is good to get your feet wet — you’re likely going to experience ATC that might not seem like the are properly trained, which results in questioning what’s right & what’s incorrect.


And sometimes we just get it wrong …… I’ve been surprised actually. Plenty of mistakes but very little idiocy. It’s a shame the comm channels don’t include “you need to check that mate”. Had someone flying the strangest shaped patterns I’ve ever seen, telling me they were on the downwind. I couldn’t find “actually… you aren’t”


Thanks for the replies. I’ll stick to Expert from now on for a better experience.

I do dabble in ATC myself but usually at EIDW Training Server as its quiet.

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Yeah like everyone said, Sometimes people are in it for the fun, while others are more into the training aspect of controlling and becoming IFATC. Expert is defo the best place for a more realistic experience, 95% of people behave and follow the rules. Not that people on TS dont follow the rules (they do) because 85% of people are either just learning the ropes or are just playing it in their spare time. Its important to help those that need help with the many many aspects of IF here on the form now and again.

Have a fantastic day!!


I take the line that if I’m not tolerant of pilot mistakes, why should they be tolerant of ATC mistakes ? On IF and flying Vatsim I’ve only once come across someone who was obviously trying to spoil iy

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