ATC instructions issue

Hello¡. A while ago I was asked to contact tower at VABB by approach controller Manoel G, which I did, contacted tower, said thank you good day to approach frequency as I always do then immediately switch to tower frequency and request permission to land on runway especified by approach earlier, next I get a “ please check tutorials on assistance in using atc instructions “ followed by a clearence to land. So here I am asking for help. This is the first time I get that in the 4300 hours of flight I have. It seem I have been doing it wrong all this time. Can someone help please?


And you were on Expert Server, correct?
[Edit: and you didn’t accidentally say “Thank you, good day” to Tower (not approach), right?]

I’m sorry I forgot to add that. Yes I was on Expert server

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No I said thanks to approach right before I switched to tower frequency

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It’s possible that Tower accidentally told you to check the tutorials instead of another plane.
Do you know/remember who the Tower and Approach controllers were? Maybe you can DM the Tower controller and ask him about it.

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And what’s your Grade in IF? Just wondering

Manoel G was doing all four frequencies at that time.

Did you get vectors from Approach?

It looked like Approach had told him to switch to Tower. Unless you are asking if Approach gave a command and @sabine didn’t follow it correctly or something similar to that.

My grade is 5. I just got to write at least 20 letters in order to post

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If you got vectors, you should’ve said “inbound for X runway X” (like “inbound for ILS runway 27L”)


Because he was on the ground…
@sabine I forgot about what @Asdew said - yes, you should say you’re inbound on the ILS. There should be an option somewhere in the ATC menu to request that. Maybe someone will post a picture of it…

Hello, this is not the only instance where this has happend I’m on Facebook and the same exact thing has happend to another user.

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I was on ground frequency when I took the screen shot that’s it

I would suggest PMing the controller and asking them about it.

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Thank you very much. This is probably the reason I got that. I am surprised I have not gotten this in the three years I have been flying in expert server and I have never used the “ inbound on the ILS button”

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Excuse my ignorance but could you explain to me what it means to PM someone and how? I’m sorry but I don’t know how to do it.

Sure! PM just stands for “Private Message”, so go to whatever controller it was’s profile, click message, and you can probably figure it out from there.

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Ok I will do that. Thank you very much. I appreciate your support.

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The controllers name is @MannyG . You can shoot him a PM as @DiamondGaming4 suggested :)

But I think it’s pretty obvious: