ATC Instructions into Spanish.

First of all, I’m not sure if this topic is already existent.

This idea is to help Latin people to understand ATC Instructions and which one means what. I’m from Mexico and I know a lot of people who have issues understanding the instructions or comments in English, I know for some people it could be difficult or they haven’t had any chance to study the language, so I would like to open this topic to see if there are interested people who would like to help.

I want to remark specially to people who DO NOT follow ATC Instructions and they dominate the English language. That is just rude. I bet most of us just want to play for fun, and following the rules, so it could be a efficient and beautiful flow of traffic inside the game.

I’m an ATC Trainee in small airports. I have about +50 ops as an ATC Trainee and about +1K ops as an ATC on Infinite Flight.

This topic might sound aggresive, but my intention is to everyone to play safe, to follow instructions and sooner or later they’ll see a whole different picture about Infinite Flight than just start flying around and intentionally crashing.

There’s a page on the IF Community, I think it’s called Infinite Flight Español or Spanish, there is really good material there and I invite that specific page to review this topic. Thanks.

SOME EXAMPLES: Translating Tyler Shelton’s youtube videos into Spanish, so the non-speakers could relate those english instructions into their own language. The language inside game should not and won’t be changed.


But remember… English is a known around the world… In all schools they teach a second language of English.

So I dont see a reason to. But I see your point! :)


Plus, English is the International Aviation Language! :)


I’ve read this a few times and can’t quite follow exactly what it is you’re proposing. There are lots of statements but not many questions or ideas to let someone know what exactly you’re trying to accomplish.

I’d recommend editing to include a clear goal for the thread. Also, just as my two cents… English is the language of aviation around the world which is why Infinite Flight has gone this route as well. I encourage community members helping one another though… good luck!


I think it would be good to have other languages in infinte flight Chinese,Spanish and maybe french. Would add more global appeal for infitne flight.

Even though English is the global language in local areas where the speak another language they can use that too.

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Remember english is not he most spoken language

I think there must be some language barriers between us (Non-Native English Speaker). But I think the instructions used on the simulator are basic English and I’m sure people would understand it even though it’s not their native language

Some of my friends in Infinite Flight Fan Indonesia can’t speak English with correct grammar. But they still understand the instructions given by the ATC. So I think it’s not an excuse if they don’t follow instructions. Just my opinion 😉.

Indonesia also has a lack of English education. But I’m sure those who can buy Infinite Flight are upper class people. Which of course have an enough knowledge of English. Unlike those schools on remote areas of the country


Yeah, I see your point. But I mean, even when it’s basic English, a loooot of people just don’t understand.

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What I was trying to say it’s that your ATC Instructions videos could be translated into Spanish or other language, so when playing Live, they could relate the instruction with their language. Not necessary changing the ingame language, which is English, and most of us know that English is the international Aviation language. Just trying to help those guys out. Thanks for replying!


Which I think is his point. There is not a single hint of this in your original post.

I think you would benefit greatly by editing the original post to highlight this point. It will help keep us on track and give a better handle on what we’re actually discussing.

Edit: Sorry, you have already tacked it to the end. My apologies.

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For this one, I think we can use “CC” option used in YouTube. Which provides translation to other languages either it’s 中文 (Chinese), 日本語 (Japanese), 한국어 (Korean), Bahasa Indonesia/Malaysia (Indonesian/Malaysian), Español (Spanish) or Français (French) on Infinite Flight Tutorial videos 😉


That’s actually the best idea. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate it a lot.

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But this “CC” option is only available if the author of the video enables this option and pick a certain language AFAIK. So I think the developers should enable this feature in order to help other users to understand these commands


That’s right! I just checked and it’s only for English. Thanks for your ideas! Best wishes from PHX.
-ATC Trainee and Private Pilot Mario Puig =)


True, but that is if that is the native language of that country – and both the pilot and controller speaks it fluently.
But pilots have to know english as well, so not a good argument…

In aviation it is.


Subtitles for the training videos on Youtube is a nice solution, indeed. Good idea.

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Ya nos toco aprender Ingles. (We gotta learn English now) lol I see what you mean and having CC would be good as I know not everybody in the world has the opportunity to be a fluent English speaker.

I think his request is pretty clear in that the spanish speaking and writing community struggles to keep up with the english speaking and writing community.

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