ATC instructions ignore my compliant responses?

This is my first month Live. I have been practicing carefully a lot. I practiced solo first before joining Live. This week i tried training server flights. Following my flight plan, approach then gave me vectors to glide path. I immediately manually turned to the new vector and acknowledged. A few minutes later approach told me ignore flight plan and turn x heading. I was already on that heading. Is that just an oversight bc atc is juggling a lot? It happened twice so im worried i am missing something i can do better. Also, several times today, approach handed me to tower. Tower cleared me to land number 2. Then tower suddenly told me im in controlled space contact approach. And i was handed back and forth. Is that normal or is that maybe some atc learning going on? I want to be respectful of people learning atc like im learning flying. Thank you and thanks for all the terrific tutorials available.

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It happens sometimes where tower and approach clash even on the ES. Long as you make sure to follow ATC instructions once they say it then you should be fine
Also on the TS some ATC’s are learning the ropes so you have to be patient with them as they try to be patient with you

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There is not much you can do on the TS. Move to expert for realistic ATC service

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As for your question, it’s the training server, Air traffic controllers are learning…
If you want a more realistic experience, I suggest to grind for grade 3 and begin flying on the expert server! (make sure that you are familiar with all rules before flying on the expert server)

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