ATC instructions caused me to fly into a mountain

Well, well. I put way too much trust in the Tower controller of Kathmandu today - Brad J. No hate or anything… but your instructions caused me to fly directly into a mountain.

I was on left downwind for Runway 02, and I was about to turn base, when you gave the instruction “I’ll call your base.” I was getting increasingly confused because the mountain was right in front of me, and I began to turn base anyway. But it was too late, and as my phone displayed the disappointing CRASH screen, I heard your command: “Dynasty 437, turn base.”

When I saw Kathmandu in the ATC schedule this week, I was ecstatic, but slightly apprehensive that the controllers might not be familiar with the high-altitude terrain. My prophecies came true.

I am very disappointed with the standard of ATC at Kathmandu today. Of course, I am also at fault for not monitoring my surroundings correctly, but considering that I was doing the approach in the middle of the night and expecting ATC to direct me away from any obstacles, that was a little difficult to do.

This is my first crash in 9 months.


I am sorry to hear you crashed! The controller should be @Brad_Jones - if you have any concerns please reach out to him.

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Will he reply here or must I send him a direct message?

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I suggest you send him a DM.