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Sometimes when im on an approach frequency and clear me to land then lets me contact tower the tower says to say intentions. Most times i will say im on final for the runway and they will say roger but sometimes they say check the user guide. What do i do here?


Hey, if you’re inbound for landing you should always call inbound to Tower, rather than reporting your position. This table from the ATC Communication Guide lists the various commands you can transmit and explains when to use them.

Communication When to Send
Inbound When not cleared for an approach by a Radar Controller (Radar Vectors and Flight Following)
Request Specific Runway When not cleared for an approach by a Radar Controller
On the ILS After being cleared for the ILS Approach by a Radar Controller
On the GPS After being cleared for the GPS Approach by a Radar Controller
On the Visual After being cleared for the Visual Approach by a Radar Controller

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You should call inbound for landing xx runway and if the approach cleared you for approach on ils, gps or visual say inbound for landing on the ils. GPS or visual xx runway

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Thank you this is very helpful

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Thank you a lot!

Well yes, reporting your position is not proper procedure.

Considering you’ve told us that you’ve scheduled your IFATC practical test, I highly suggest reading over ATC communication material as to better prepare for the exam, and perhaps even your joining of IFATC.


Ok will do now

say your inbound

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They didn’t clear you to landing bc that is impossible in IF. They most likely cleared you for approach. And you ask Townes for landing clearance

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Cleared for the ILS approach runway xx on approach frequency???

An approach controller would clear you for an ILS approach, which is different from being cleared to land. When the approach controller hands you off to the tower frequency after being cleared for an ILS approach, you’re supposed to call inbound on the ILS for the runway you’ve been cleared for.


Ok i get it now thank you :)

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