ATC instruction question

Hey, so the thing is that I was about to land when ATC told me to go-around and make left traffic at a runway. I just began making a common go-around, following the last Infinite Flight tutorial, when ATC told me to check tutorials on the forum…
What did I do wrong? What should I do?

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Hello! Do you know the username of the ATC who sent this command?

Usually it’s best to contact them directly via a PM on the forum. I’d be happy to direct you to the right person.


Sorry, it was 20:30.

He was asking for the name of your controller. If this happened on the expert server, feel free to find the name of your controller in your flight logbook and contact them on the forum via PM.

I don’t know the username😅. I haven’t been reported, I was only told to go check the tutorials on the forum, so there isn’t anything in the logbook. It happened at the Vancouver Tower frequency, today at about 20:30 PM (UTC).
Thank you

You were not reported. You were just told to check the community for tutorials. The best thing to do is to watch the replay again and see if you can see why. If you need help you can share the replay with a moderator and we can help out.

What aircraft were u in and what livery cause an airplane in front of me was told to go around and make left for traffic!!!

I’ve deleted the replay🤦‍♂️, hadn’t thought of that. Thanks anyway… I’ll just rewatch tutorials.

B77W, Cathay Pacific.

The aircraft in front of me was a A380, but go around and make left for traffic means the aircraft is on yoir left and to be careful of that when going around.

And also to make sure the aircraft behind has enough room for their final while going around.

Wich direction have you turned to after the Go Arround?

That is not true. To be told to make left traffic after a go around means you’ll be entering the left traffic pattern for that runway. It has nothing to do where traffic is in regards to your aircraft and current position. 😄

My bad mu friend told me to that!!!😂😂😂

You might find this useful, see if you remember doing the things on the checklist. Perhaps you re-entered the pattern too early?

Hey! Glad to see you here on the forum trying to figure out what happened. We always appreciate when pilots ask what they did wrong and how they could improve. :)

Assuming you were at CYVR on the tower frequency (which you stated above), @Guxk would have been the controller. Feel free to send him a DM if you still haven’t resolved the issue.

Happy flying!

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I’ll send you a dm :)

Controller and pilot got in touch and are working on resolving the issue.