ATC instruction (Need help)

So I’m flying ATM from YSCB to YSSY. Upon contacting ATC (@liketoturnleft) he gives the following instruction (see above ATC log) “Pattern is full, no pattern work accepted at this time” or something along those lines. I was never doing pattern work at YSSY. What is the correct procedure to do now?

(BTW what NOTAM is he talking about?)

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Sometimes, especially during peak hours, ATC can deny all aircraft in general until the traffic levels die down. I suggest you DM @Matt_McDonald as he seems to be the controller you’re having problems with. He should be able to explain to you what he was trying to suggest, and teach you what to do in the future. Thanks!


In this case, it appears he was more emphasizing the “Pattern is Full” than the "pattern work part of the command, suggesting you contact a different frequency and land at a different airport. There’s not much more we can say to convey the same message. I still suggest you Contact Matt McDonald via DM for him to directly tell you what he was thinking and what he had wanted you to do. That’s your best way to learn. Thanks!

This will be interesting to find out. You never requested pattern work, and there is no NOTAM for that airport. If the airport needed to be closed the proper thing would be to deny entry. Let’s see what Matt says.


Just wait and allow the controller to explain. 🙂


Yes. Denied patterns. And then followed it up with denied entries. His screen shot doesn’t show that. I had to deny all inbounds to allow myself enough time to get on Slack and ask for help. It got to the point where I couldn’t get to every plane asking for something. Service was detiorating rapidly. The only way to even get back to somewhat normalcy was to deny planes. Sorry.


That is when you are put into a holding pattern

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I’m working Tower. I can’t do holding patterns. Approach has to. And I had no Approach controller.


I’m not sure then…

Guys. Please understand. I had to deny entry because the service to you guys was slacking…bad. I was beyond overwhelmed. I simply couldn’t get to everyone. I didn’t even have to time to get on Slack and ask for extra help. It was that insane. I started denying all inbounds simply so I could buy myself enough time to type the word “HELP” into a ATC communications back channel. That’s all I got off before I was overwhelmed again. I only had one other controller come to my aid. And that was to cover the Ground frequency. At that point, now that all I had to do was worry about Tower, I started taking inbounds again. (Honestly I needed an approach conteoller as well, but I took what I could get) Planes were denied for about 3 minutes total. I’d guess 10 planes, at most. So please, unless you were in my shoes, I ask you to stop criticizing. I’m here to make your flight more enjoyable. And when I can’t do that I have a problem. Denying people was the ONLY way to even remotely service the others on the ground and inbound. Being denied entry isn’t the end of the world. Go somewhere else. Reroute to another airport, do a couple T&Gs and then come back. The worst that can happen is you gain a few XP.