ATC instruction issue [DUPLICATE]

Ok, just to note I’m not inquiring any ghost.
Today I was flying from KLAX to KPSP in an A320 callsing Spirit 13 37, I was executing my departure when I contacted ATC to request flight following and I had no response reported on the ATC chat above, a couple of seconds after I passed 4,000 so I turn on the A/P and I checked the ATC log. Then I realised that I did have a response and I was able to acknowledge it but the instruction was not there… here are some photos of what I mean

I did not acknowledge it in that moment, the thing is that when I was 21nm inbound Palm Springs approach ATC told me to contac frequency, I checked in as normal and when I was going to request approach the ATC issued the same message, I acknowledge it and IF crashed… I really apologize if this is a duplicate and if it’s in the wrong category tell me and I will change it, the purpose of this topic is to help solving this issue in IF so if you have something to add is appreciated.

Thank you, Lucas

I’d say this is pretty much the same issue:


Hey Lucas, was this on Training server 1?

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Yes it was, and it was a couple of minutes ago, about 20 or less

Yeah, it’s the same thing, I will mark it as solved, thank you

This is a common issuee on socal TS1 approach, has happened to me many times. You click acknowlege and your game crashes. Just avoid socal TS1 for now, do you meet requirements for expert? Im pretty sure you do but just asking :)

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Yes I actualy do but sometimes I like to pass over TS1 and be a little nolstalgic you know :)

Yep i see where you are coming from, If you want to fly in socal TS1 dont get on any approach frequencies as this can happen and it would suck loosing your flight time. Hope this helps :)

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