ATC Instruction Contradicting The ATIS

Hi fellow IF ATC Community,

A few weeks back I was flying into KLAX, when the Controller gave the the instructions to land at 24L, even thought the ATIS gave Landing Runways as 24R and 25L. While I am gratful the the controller let me do this, since I beleive that otherwise I would have to do a go - around because of an aircraft just touching down on 24R. However as someone who wants to become a Expert Server ATC, I was wondering if this is actually allowed!

If anyone with Expert Server ATC, has an answer, Thank you for answering.

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Hello there,

Good luck with your process and feel free to ask…

Yes it is. You can go different of your ATIS for x reason at y moment without problem, especially when it help pilot preference / separation / traffic flow



Hope all is well with you! The ATIS is a system which is set up by the controllers to allow people to set some expectations before their arrival or departure. The controller is able to direct aircraft to runways that aren’t in the ATIS for whatever reason they wish.

This is the same for pilots, who can request to do something the ATIS doesn’t allow for (I do it all the time in real life, and sometimes in Infinite Flight too).

Hope this helps!


Honestly, it should not be too much of a problem! Sure it might be weird but sometimes, flights going into KLAX land on 24L. They mostly did this during fixes on Runway 24R. You can dismiss it and imagine a situation like something happened in 24R :)

Thank you everyone for your help!

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To add to what others said, this morning in MMMX heavy aircraft were landing on 05R but a small Cessna Caravan was told to land on 05L to avoid disturbing the flow of traffic.

And the ATIS said 05L DEP / 05R ARR. Also because MEX is not a very optimal airport, it’s sometimes easier to let people parked on the south of the airport depart from the southernmost runway to avoid having runway crossings etc…

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