ATC Instruction Accuracy

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I’ve had a couple of example recently of requesting a particular runway (where either is available EGLL, KORD, KLAX for example) and being told to expect the same runway for the APP or TWR in my request 09R at EGLL in the latest case, to then be cleared a few instructions later to the other one 09L!! I’m not sure if this is due to people not looking back at the instruction they have given previously or just people being in AUTO mode from the last clearance when dual mode at an airport. I was told to orbit (due to my circuit so the controller says when i contacted them) and when I requested the original runway again (09R) and was kicked off for making two requests. The Controller has completely ignored this point saying my circuit was at fault. (Even thought his runway selection actually made things more difficult for everyone!) In the real world thats a controller error. I’d hope pilots will have the ability to ask the controller again, or request that “you initially cleared us to….” As in the real world. It’s very annoying if you are set up for the other one, and it would be interesting if I followed the incorrect instructions that I’d be given Violation for landing on the other one 09L when my request was 09R. I took this up with one controller who clearly wasn’t having any of it and wasn’t interested. But my point if you want to make it realistic product even with limitations, is don’t allow controllers to bring errors into in that the pilot cannot challenge. If my circuit sucks orbit me - which was done (ultimately circuit entry isn’t the issue i would suggest) incorrect instructions are.

Was this on Expert or the Training server?

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Sounds like this occurred on the Expert Server due to a report being issued. If discussing with the controller didn’t give you a sufficient answer, contact @appeals and be ready with your replay.

Only Approach can tell you to “expect” a runway or an approach, and Tower sees that runway in the briefing strip, when you’re handed off from Approach. It’s very unlikely that Tower will switch runways on you after you’ve been handed off from a radar controller - unless there’s heavy traffic or a simile situation.

When Approach isn’t present, Tower can only give you pattern/circuit instructions for a particular runway (eg: “enter left downwind Runway 09L”).

Sometimes, controllers can’t accommodate runway requests - and it also depends on the type of circuit you’re flying. If you were, for example, entering the airspace on a left-hand circuit for 09L, and requested 09R, the Tower controller would more naturally want you to land on 09L as it makes traffic flow easier. We try to accommodate runway requests but this isn’t always possible.

If you further strongly feel you require a runway change, there’s a “request runway change” command available for you to use - to which the controller can either allow it, and give you a new circuit entry for the new runway, or deny it by saying “unable.”

But for this specific issue, like the others have pointed out, have a replay file ready and DM the Appeals group to see if the violation can be reversed.

No report was issued, still unclear what server it was on. Do not contact appeals unless you are appealing a report.

Oh… I thought this kind of meant there was a report. Disregard I guess if it means something different

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