ATC inquiry

This may be a stretch, but I thought I would at least ask. Is anyone actually an ATC controller? I’m looking into the field and I’m potentially interested in starting a career in it and I just want to talk to someone who’s actually a controller if you could give me some advice, and answer a few questions.

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@Tyler_Shelton this one is for you 🙃


@Thunder is a radar controller at Toronto. He might also be a good source in case you need someone to talk to.

Glad to see you taking an interest in ATC!


The truth is I would rather be a pilot but it’s super expensive and at least this would put me in the field of Aviation which I just have a massive passion for


Very Cool! I wanted to go to college for a major in Flight and a major in Air Traffic Control but not many schools do that. I had the chance to visit my local airports ATC Tower while in a flight lesson and I found it super cool! Hope everything works out for you!

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One last thing, can someone point me in the direction of becoming certified as a air traffic controller on Infinite Flight? I kind of figured I should try it out here and see if it’s actually at my alley.

This is the forum topic to help you with that. I’m currently in the training process and am a couple days away from doing my practical. I’ve found the learning process to be very fun!

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thank you I appreciate it guys. Maybe one day I’ll see you in the skies haha. Also I am always looking for people to do group flights with so feel free to message me and we can make a time to go flying.

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Feel free to make a #live:groupflights topic if you are able. That way the community can know when you are flying!

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I’m a US Navy air traffic controller.

As you probably know there’s a few ways to get into the field and one is through military service. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Be a flight attendant or ground crew. Both pretty easy to get hired for and both but you within feet of an aircraft.

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He’s talking about an IRL controller not IFATC

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@KennedyTurner Then I must be confused

Don’t most Airlines want you to have a college degree to be a flight attendant?

I dont know about US, but in Europe thats definitely not the case

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Actually no that’s not the case. Most airlines just require at least 2 years of Customer Service experience. Each airline has different requirements but that’s just the base line one. I have yet to see an airline that requires a degree, I’m sure it would help on your resume though. I’m looking to be a flight attendant or law enforcement after the Marines. Plus I’m f I like the flight attendant lifestyle, I will already be making money to put towards flight school and that is another path to becoming an airline pilot

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