ATC information

What does ATC information ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLI DELTA, FOXTROT can not understand also altimeter?



This is part of the ATIS, which provides information about the airport, as well as weather conditions and traffic information. The letters of the alphabet are used to distinguish each update - when a controller updates the ATIS with new information, they will update the letter, going down the alphabet. (hence, Alpha, Bravo, and so on)

You don’t need to worry too much about the altimeter in Infinite Flight, as it isn’t really simulated. In real life, different airports have different atmospheric pressures, and pilots sometimes need to calibrate their altimeter to that specific airport, hence why it is outlined in the ATIS - but again, this isn’t simulated in Infinite Flight.

I hope that helps, and I’d recommend reading the following post about the ATIS, as it goes into more depth about what each part of it means:


Wow thank you so much as I show the details of the meaning?

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Thank you captainDixon

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