ATC Infinte Flight

Tha traffic in EGLL(TS)is so heavy 🙄

It can be frustrating controlling at big airports like EGLL or KLAX when people don’t listen to your instructions. But thankfully there’s IFATC and Expert server, where everyone is trying to be as realistic as possible. If you are an IFATC Controller or an Expert server member, trust me, you will enter whole new level of simulation.

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IF you are serious about getting to be in IFATC open a tracking thread at KSSC or an airport that has parallel runways, This will help out greatly if you plan to become IFATC.

Just saying a limit is absolutely useless becausr you can close the app.

Howcome and sometimes there’s never enough people

Do you mean there’s not enough IFATC or not enough people that come to a tracking thread session?

TT session

Yes, sometimes there aren’t many people that come to tracking thread sessions but other times there are a lot of people - it just depends on the time.

Another important thing to note - Even if you only have 2 aircraft that come to a tracking thread session, it still gives really good practice. The fundamentals for controlling 2 aircraft are the exact same as controlling 10 aircraft.

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