ATC Infinte Flight

Have been thinking again (yes again not normal for me)

When it comes to ATC in and around the Training Server, people tend to muck around,by muck around i mean they’ll spawm in atc ground for example,give someone pushback clearence but then they’ll just vanish like they never joined was thinking maybe there could be a limit where as before you are allowed to leave you can’t leave no one stranded (leave half way through contact and must hand them off to Tower etc) this would be good for people who are new to training server and for pilots used to training server,
Thanks for reading my idea comment thoughts and opinions
from nate :)


Don’t forget that traffic on Training server can be insane, especially at KLAX and EGLL. Maybe the controller got overwhelmed and left. The second they join it is a swarm of yellow flashes


Yeah also be glad you are on training server instead of casual server. I am a grade 3 and yet I still like being on training server

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I know as i try to be active as much on Heathrow ATC as my patients can be really good sometimes and i understand your point but sometimes when theres about 4 people on ground and they just go seconds after somene gets pushback clearence it’s like be there n do it properly or dont do it if you follow what im getting at ?

I understand your frustration. Luckily at those big airports, someone will grab it in 5 seconds anyways

yeah i know the feeling many times ive spawned in but someone spawned same time n they get it first and im just left with ATC view lol feels helpless when it happes

I don’t think you completely read the topic. He is talking about controlling on training server. Not flying

i’d be well into it by now but like i made a thread about other night half my flights do count as landings like rn im above EBOS FL250 going EGLL so gonna see if it works if not see if uninstall n reinstall would work soma i haven’t tried yet

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Well if you love controlling, might I suggest joining IFATC. There are mínimums for controllers so you will never be left Hanging. Also, it is very fun

what’s the regulations as im on 51k xp 74hrs played G2 190 flights and 60 landings (most my landings didn’t count)

Check this out


last violation lol last night my A/P jus went on me dropped down past fl100 in seconds from fl300 lets say i hit the 325+knts mark i think

Was it a level 1 violation? (system violation)

yeah belive so

I believe you should be ok

  • At least 60 days since last Level 2 or 3 Violation

I’m Grade 2 that sucks if it ruins chances tbh

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Just keep grinding and you’ll get to grade 3 real soon

thing is it’s that thing of do i go to solo cheat a few so me go from 60 to 90 or soma n then do the last 10 perfect no cheat by myself

I think all your stats only count on live servers

lol unfortunate gps app egll 27l i look at map double check ATC’S clearence n someone took off 09Rl whilst im approaching lol