ATC incident. (What do I do?)

This was in training server because of the new XP requirements. I called inbound for a touch and go at London city and the controller cleared me to land. When I touched down he told me exit runway right, but I took off because I was doing a touch and go. He then told me to go around.


Nothing you can do about the training server you shouldn’t have accepted the landing clearance


The ATC possibly didn’t know about TnG, he didn’t say Cleared for the Option Runway 09

Oh ok, should I have called inbound again with touch and go?

Sounds like the controller forgot you were doing a touch and go and then remembered which is why he sent the go around command. I would just continue with your flight and forget about it.

Ok thanks guys!

Just report position with touch and go at that point

Ok, I will next time

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he should have cleared you for the option and make left/right traffic. He is probably getting go around instructions mixed with touch and goes.

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You did it wrong. Firstly it seems that the controller didn’t see that you requested a touch & go. If the controller says: ‘cleared to land’ you cannot answer to this, just ignore it and report position or send again the request. You did it even more wrong when he told you to exit runway and the you answered to that! If you’re doing a touch & go never answer to that. That’s why the controller said ‘go-around’ when you were taking off. For me, the controller did it right except on clearing to land when you requested the touch & go and when after clearing you said: ‘Enter straight in’…

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The Training Server is called the Training Server because it is specifically for training. Because anyone has access to this server, people with little or no knowledge of ATC can act as a controller for a specified airspace. You should note however, the controller did not clear you for the option - which may have been deliberate, in which case you have two choices:

  1. Land (Accept landing clearance)
  2. Divert (Request departure N/E/S/W)

The go around instruction was an incorrect one as it was late, but he probably meant to get you into the pattern. @Ismael_C I wouldn’t ignore it, maybe repeat it, but on the second time you have to presume the controller is saying what he means. Because there is no other way for the controller to deny you a touch and go and instead offer you a landing clearance on IF, you will have to accept the incorrect clearance as your only available option at this facility.


To not worry about ATC messing up, practice on the TS2, less traffic, fewer ATC Frequencies, and less worrying!

Ok thanks :)

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