ATC Incident - KMIA 24/06/2019

Hello there,
basically I did a trans-Atlantic flight from Barcelona to Miami on the expert server (AAL1471 - B787) and as I was approaching Miami, I obviously tuned to Miami Approach as you would, then I got switched to another Approach frequency while doing a holding pattern to this new controller by the name of IFATC - Jeffrey1o2, I checked in and he gave me vectors and followed them until I approached Miami Intl 8L and he still didn’t give me vectors to turn to head towards the runway and thereafter reported me for “Interfering with Traffic” after I passed the runway like seriously, he didn’t give me vectors how’s that my fault I’m just following your instructions and this is what made me even madder… This controller decided to not answer me as I’m doing 360’s all over Miami, I keep on trying to get his attention yet to no avail… Now this is the most selfish thing I’ve ever seen in my 6 years of playing Infinite Flight, If I did something wrong, please tell me what I did wrong and if it makes sense I’ll apologise but I don’t see this is my fault. Yes the airport was extremely busy but I don’t see why you should ignore an aircraft especially after a trans-Atlantic flight.

Hey PM @Jeffrey1o2 fot further discussion


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Just because you’re around a runway doesn’t mean you can intercept at will. There are occasions where you’ll pass the localizer on purpose. I can’t speak to the rest of it, but I can for sure tell you that just turning on your own at will because you see a localizer is definitely not following Instructions. It’s deciding on your own it’s your time to intercept.

You’ll have to speak with the controller for the specifics on this case, but it’s not uncommon to pass the localizer, depending on traffic patterns. It is not a green light to just turn.