Hi, someone mentioned opening up a tracking thread when I’m controlling an airport. I am at EHAM for the next hour or so. Do I need to broadcast that anywhere to generate interest? Thanks

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You can copy my tracking thread, Every thread is different! If you control smaller airports you can get more experienced pilots who listen to you and will give you feedback. I hoped this helped. ;)

Take a look at the #atc category.

  • Make one thread with the title of “Cpt_jules tracking thread @ KLAX OPEN” for example.
  • When you are done, edit the title and change it to say closed.
  • People will give you feedback in the thread.
  • When you want to open another airport, edit the same thread title and change the airport and say open.
  • You can post a reply saying you are open to bump it.

If you are serious about ATC, it is best to avoid the busy areas (especially KSFO and KLAX) since that is where new pilots generally spawn to. Start out with a single runway airport, work your way up to two runways (KONT was a favorite of mine). Then you can work your way into parallel runways like KLAX/KDFW. For more fun you can try out airports with intersecting runways.


Thank you both I shall do a thread 👍🏼

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