ATC in Training Servers (IFATC are Welcome to this topic)

During my flight session in training server (EHAM to EGLL) I received a message from ATC that I should enter left base. I am coming from the downwind leg on my approach to EGLL RWY 27R. Should I follow it despite there is no traffic on the runway.

*Correction: Base leg means the short airway after you cross the downwind leg.

Hi, basically you should take all instructions on the TS with a grain of salt. Controllers on the TS aren’t trained like the ones on the ES. They are just trying things out and are getting themselves familiar with the different commands. Often times, they’ve no idea what a command like downwind, pattern, base leg mean.

I would recommend, if you want fly professional you should join us on the ES. User guide knowledge required.


If the command does not jeopardize your seperation with other pilots or endangers yourself, following their commands no matter how good or bad is just good faith at the end of the day 😅.


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