Atc in training server

What is wrong with atc at Heathrow, as soon as i spawm in doing flight planning they spam me to contact them when im not ready. This is why i dont like atc in training sever they dont know what their doing.

Another instance, unless the airport is busy or at least havs a few planes around, there is absolutely no need to vecter me, i was on approach to heathrow was cleared to land and everything and i was on final. Right after i was cleared this guy let 2 other aircraft take off as im about to land and in the last minute they told me to go around when he cleared me , after having me on hold for no reason. The airport wasnt busy. Someones really needs to look at this its killing the experience and enjoyment of flying.


That’'s the problem. Anyone can use the TS as ATC, so the standard of professionalism is not so good. The only solution is to just work towards access to the expert server.


Exactly. It’s called “training server” because people are still learning. It sucks but it’s just how it is. Keep flying and you’ll eventually be able to fly on expert where things are much better


The best way to avoid stress on Training Server is to not fly under controlled airspace.
You have a problem that can easily be fixed. You’re not happy flying on Training Server due ATC conduct. You can upgrade to Grade 3 and fly on Expert Server, but if you don’t read the ATC manual you can be reported and be forced to fly on Training Server again.
• Tip: read the manual before fly on Expert Server. When ready, get Grade 3 and you’ll see the difference btw TS and ES.
I’m ATC Officer and I can say that the hardest frequency to manage is Approach and Center.

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Im already at grade 3 , i just got a violation so i gotta wait a week.

For what reason?

Ive been at grade 3 for about 2 years now. Ive recently came back to flying after taking a break. I never flying on training server for this reason. Ive learned my lesson how i gotta acoid flying my favourite airport’s.

Overspeeding. I was doing a long haul and fell asleep on decent.

I’m sorry for it. I recommend to keep VNAV off while away and only turn ON when near to start decent.


Heathrow is the worst on training server, even to control, I’d say like 50% of people don’t even taxi to the correct runway you say, or receive takeoff / landing clearance. It’s really bad, I’d recommend any other airport or just one that doesn’t have someone controlling at that time as they likely have little experience.


Im gald im back to grade 3

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It would be nice if ATC newbies could be deployed on the training server.
Until they have reached a maximum level they should then be promoted to the expert server!
If someone hasn’t been active for long they should be demoted back to the training server.
Or those who want to do ATC for fun should make it possible to kick them in the game if they don’t follow the rules.

Because last week I operated ATC and I have to honestly say that around 13 people didn’t follow the rules on the ground, did what they wanted or what suited them.
The rest on the tower just loaded from wherever they wanted, even though I gave them the runway to the other side.
There are lots of people on the training server who don’t want to learn, but quickly move up to Grade 3 so they can fly on the expert server, but what happens then? Most of them then no longer follow the instructions from the center, approach, tower and ground properly or not at all and suddenly they are reported and then moan why, why and why?!?!
Maybe you could change something on the training server or think about what else can be implemented there so that the new ones understand it and learn more instead of just building up to Grade 3.

Best Regrads


Haha. Heathrow is chaos!

London Center is even worse on TS lmao. I tried Center once over EGLL and it’s a complete mess.

I served the ATC in OMDB for an hour about 3 hours ago!

And I have to say: it’s unbelievably, unbelievably sad how the pilots do it. I could quickly transfer all the reports to a guy who did everything correctly and even praised me via PM!

It’s a shame that can kick pilots on the training server.
A kick is not a report.
Instead, you could write a note saying that they didn’t follow the rules or something else, so that they have to restart until they understand it.


I feel like even that idea would be abused because TS really isn’t moderated outside of level 1 violations. You’d basically be able to boot the entire airport and no one can do anything about it.

Maybe a solution to this problem is creating new rules for the servers. e.g. casual will have atc but it’s for pilots and atc who want to play casual (no reports, no kick, not obeying rules …etc)

Then on training it’s more strict (to mimic how expert will be but again without reports), maybe a “send note” button or something that is less harsh than a report.
maybe a report that doesn’t get you a violation. Of course this will apply for both pilots and controllers (both can send reports/notes) so they could actually ‘Train’ to be experts.


This is a good idea, and not a bad one.

Heathrow is wild on TS, but equally, everyone has to start somewhere and clock up some practice. Head over to EGWU next door for a calmer experience (sometimes under ATC!).

Nobody even listens to ATC. Like there will be some c172 doing 360s around the airport. And 2 planes landing at once.