ATC in training server

Hello ! I come here to talk a bit about ATC in training server
( if you think this is not a suitable salon to talk about let me know !)

During three hours of control at LFPG I noticed certain behaviors in training which could be completely avoided! Differentiate between dizziness and ignore it or simply not listen.
Sometimes planes ask for a pushback, do it and then don’t ask for the taxi, no problem it can happen as long as it doesn’t disturb other planes.
But the times when some planes do not go to assigned runways during a landing or take-off could be avoided by asking the plane to land on another runway.
An example is that a plane is in the Leftdowind of the runways south of LFPG and 3 planes are taxiing to take off also on the southern runways, so as not to interrupt take-offs landings are made on the 26L and take-offs on the 26Rs, so it would be better to listen to the tower when a runway is requested several times even after requesting a change of runway, especially since it doesn’t add a lot of time for the landing, just a cross runway, These are some things that must be taken into account but hey when a simpler possibility can be taken so much the used and not to waste time on other planes

This is just one example among so many others

For that can be that the controllers not being IFATC could make a report which would be directly sent to IFATC being able to see if a violation (lvl 1 or 2) is necessary or not for an airplane not respecting the rules.
It can also be regulated so as not to have any abuse on it, or the possibility of doing it only from X operations

No idea if this is possible it is only a proposal !
Here is a good end of the day to you !



Unfortunately, training server is meant for exactly that - training. And the violations/appeals team from IFATC already deals with a number of appeals from Expert itself. Add on any reports from the Training Server to that, and it’ll quickly become unmanageable, especially to separate the “troll” reports from actual ones.

The best way is to control smaller airports, and perhaps set up an ATC Tracking Thread like this one, to invite people from on here to come fly at the airport you’re opening. Stay away from large Bravo airports like KLAX, EGLL, KSFO, etc, and also stay away from the limited number of 3D airports too, as these are more susceptible to trolls. This would make your experience of controlling on the Training Server better, and you’d get honest and good feedback from community members who are constantly wishing to see you improve as a controller :)



Thanks for your feedback today! However, that’s the training server, pilots and ATC there are in training and here, I suggest you joining IFATC team to control the Expert Server to get a better experience, you can click the link below! Thanks!


Yes it is on that would add an additional task for you IFATC and I agree with you on what you answered me, but I still preferred to propose this to see what everyone thinks about it!
Thank you for your answer

Hi !
Yes, I am thinking of trying to join IFATC in a few days! Just a little more time to train myself and take everything in my hands!

I wondered about a sort of mute button. So ATC or pilots, on their machine only, could vanish an aircraft that is prattling about. Nothing serverside, they aren’t kicked or reported, they can’t tell, you just can’t see them, like a filter. You’re just ignoring them. Because there are no crashes they don’t exist. Reset when you exit the server.

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