ATC in the New 3D tower?

so we all know that 3D terminals(and the tower) are coming, so when you are doing an ATC session will you be put in the tower or will it be the same as it is now?


I would like to know as well, it would be great if thats possible and then all the radar screens are actually functioning inside the tower as well


We should not speculate, so we must wait and find out then!


Great idea!! Hope it will come in this game :)

Also feel free to vote here:


phone begging for mercy


Lol true but if the phone can handle 3D buildings I still don’t think it can btw then that should be fine

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Yes a mobile device can support 3D buildings, just see for yourself on XP mobile.

Infinite Flight code wasn’t really suited for it previously from what I understand.

It does but if you play other mobile flight simulators they aren’t very good quality, and Im assuming and hoping that IF will have very high quality 3D buildings

I believe it’ll eventually happen some day. They are doing their best with all updates. It’s all about if it’ll crash the server or not. All we got to do is wait and stay supportive with infinite flight!!

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ATC with working cockpit? This would make me want to join IFATC. Unfortunately college will catch up to me 😂


As said in their comments on social media they are experimenting with different ideas but they may have to block the actual tower model when you are in an ATC session for now. Hope this helps!

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