ATC In Sydney Today

Hello, this is to provide some feedback for the person who was controlling Sydney Kingston Tower in Sydney on the Advanced server for the past hour or so. I think this person needs more experience with ATC before controlling on Advanced. Here’s my experience with this person:

  • Requested takeoff 16R, Remaining in the pattern
  • Cleared for takeoff, make right traffic.
  • “Frequency change approved” immediately after takeoff.
  • Announced incoming for touch and goes.
  • Was told they’d call my base.
  • Asked me to turn base. I started my right turn using autopilot.
  • Immediately asked (no more than three seconds) to follow instructions. Made a very abrupt turn just to make sure this person wasn’t going to ghost me.
  • Cleared to land on a different runway than the one I was on halfway through final descent
  • Requested runway change.
  • Told to follow instructions.
  • Requested departure to the west and frequency change.

One thing I noticed was this person continuously giving a direction and then immediately asking the pilot to follow instructions. “Exit runway when able and contact ground, please expedite. Please follow instructions”, “Cleared for immediate takeoff. Please follow instructions”. I saw a number of planes jump off the map, I’m hoping they rage quit and were not ghosted. I believe the ATC controller was something like “Mr Jabb” or “Mr Jann”, something like that.

Will post pictures momentarily.


Hi David,

This is more for a PM.

You are looking for @Mr.Jatt I believe :-)

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Thanks IceBlue, I’ll contact Mr. Jatt.

I’ll be expecting a pm

Apparently PM is not necessary, please see above :)

What was your callsign ?

@David_Roush please talk with him through a PM.

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I’ll be expecting a PM

Done mate, I lost formatting when copy/pasting so it took a moment.

Thanks Ice, I wasn’t sure how to best address this.

Always address via PM when possible :)

@carmalonso @MishaCamp please close ;)

I know that now :). Thank you.


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