ATC in Solo mode for training/library of commands

It seems like requests for training is pretty popular, and I came up with some ideas for this. First would be an option to get ATC, commands in solo, this would mean, say you request an approach just for training purposes, it could tell you for example “make right 360 for spacing” if the pilot doesn’t know what this means, they could tap on it, and it would bring you to the forum with search results for “360 turn.” Also there should be a library of ATC commands with basic intsturctions of what they mean. Any suggestions on how to make this better? The in Solo mode ATC, would be randomally generated, but maybe and AI could be developed to make the most reasonable, and relevant commands/requests.

Cool idea, like an interactive tutorial. Optional A.I. ATC on solo would be pretty cool.

it will one day this will happen i hope because i’m sick of fly with some people that don’t follow the rules all the way

Good enough idea, but why not just leave the servers separate, without complicating anything and make it an actual solo server. Why not just learn it on YouTube to know every single step for learning ATC? Or just learn the tutorial?

That is my opinion. I would also have in mind that there is a lot of features topics made, even similar ones past the following week. Why not just leave it with the few important features all of us would definitely want for the developers to see it better.