ATC in-range notification

First of all my usual disclaimer. I’ve checked the forum and this doesn’t appear to be a duplicate. Not sure if that’s because its a bad idea? 😬

I thought it would be a nice feature if pilots could automatically be informed on-screen once they are within range of active ATC (see pic). Similar to when ATC are controlling and get a message that another frequency has opened or closed.

This would save the pilot having to manually check frequencies to see whether they are in range or not. It may even reduce the amount of ‘on guard’ warnings.

Thought I’d put this out there to hear your thoughts . . .


I’m new to the game but I agree, yes for me this would help a great deal.


This would be nice; however, you could just tap the ATC icon at the bottom to find your airport/frequency you need. I see this as a Quality of Life (QOL) improvement. Not a bad suggestion.

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Why not just have it connect automatically? Y’all want it to taxi, take off fly, and land automatically. That would be the logical next step. Preflight pfft that’s un wanted or needed 🙄


Because you’d be connecting to every single airport that you fly over.


😂 zing right over your head.


Interesting, I would definitely use this feature. But having it automatically switch frequency’s would be better.

I vote we have to manually enter the frequency then switch between com 1 & 2. Frequencys not listed in flight so you actually have to do some planning. All in favor say I.

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I’m not a fan of auto connecting. A controller has a plan and needs you with them until they are ready to hand you off. Depending on traffic volume that could be at different points. I don’t want you switching on Newark Approach because you have three approaches overlapping.

I like the idea of “EDDL Approach Now Available” sort of message.

You wouldn’t connect to every airport right below you, say your flying in class delta airspace you wouldn’t connect to a class charlie airport right underneath you.

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Ok. From what I took away, it would connect automatically to the airport closest to you. I suppose if you set the destination airport in your flight plan it would connect to the appropriate frequency once you departed the airspace that you took off of.

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Yeah if it connected to every uncontrolled airport right underneath you that wouldn’t be helpful.

The idea is that you can easily see all active frequencies within range, and you choose which one to connect to

I would like this. It is much better than spamming the headset icon waiting to be in range with Aproach

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Haha, precisely. Scrolling down the menu and wondering why you’re still not in range. Then giving it a rest for a minute and getting an on-guard message!

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But then again, the list is already organized that way. The closest is at the top. If you barely enter someones space they will be at the bottom.

I think when someone sends you an ‘on guard’ message you can only have one option to respond - ‘out of range’ or it can be an automated message to ATC.

This was what I was thinking. Maybe even additional info like KSAN Tower closing in 5 minutes etc

I agree with Chris. Also, for anyone wondering, on the expert server a tower controller can on guard when an aircraft is 25 mm away and a app controller can on guard when an aircraft is 50nm away

This does happen occasionally - although there is no way of letting ATC know you are out of range

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