ATC in KASE - Unable to disconnect from Ground and Tower.

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A refresh of the app or your device sometimes helps this ;)

Try closing the app and restarting your device then reload Infinite Flight.

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I apologize to all on behalf of the IFBR group, the member of our group who was a 23 hour ATC contractor. it should have been a bug since it reported that it was not a connector to the simulator …

once again apologize for the group’s IF community for the event.

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Why was he ATC for 23 hours?



You can contact Unicom and send your messages respective to your motives and actions.


Flight XXX taxiing to runway
Flight XXX taking off…

You won’t find Live AIr Traffic Controllers at every airfield.

is having complaints from players that he is connected but does not respond, but the same is not connected to the game. showing that he is at 23 hours in the game.

probably a bug.

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He needs to follow my first recommendations. Close the App, restart his device and reload Infinite Flight. Hope he understands 👍🏼

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He informed us that I already uninstalled and yet it shows that he is active … our problem that besides he is messing up the simulation of the other players to one of our IFBR pilots and that stains our group that takes the IF seriously.

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That’s okay, we can work through this, the support category is here to help everyone. Have him sign out of Live and restart his device. Load the app and sign back in. Let me know what happens.


Click the Ground and Tower frequency and see if the orange status changes color.


Thanks to the support it seems that the problem has been solved.

Sorry for the disturbance you may have given to the game.


Thanks @Levet