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Every time I plan for a flight based on the ATC regions that will be operating in the Expert Server based on the monthly ATC Schedule, I arrive to no ATC. For example, today, I flew an 8-hour flight to Sao Paulo, which is the most popular airport in the ATC schedule for today. I am about to start my approach, and the only airport with active ATCs is Heathrow, which is not in the list. Could the moderation team try to stick to one or two airports every day, or at least try to stick to the airports in the lists they publish, or am I missing something here? Because from personal experience, it seems the only way to land in an Expert Server airport with ATC, let alone the full lineup of ATCs (tower, ground, arrive, departure, ATIS), is by making a 10 minute flight from a regional airport.


Hey dude, here’s some insight to how we choose where to open. Currently we are not required to open an airport solely based on the schedule. It’s more of a guide that will offer more traffic for those that wish to get busy. We are required to stay open for a minimum of an hour though. All in all, we are volunteers at the end of the day and we open when we can :)

(Also, unless we are supervisors, we are only allowed to open either radar (Approach and Departure) or local frequencies (Tower, Ground, ATIS), not both)


Understood, thank you for taking the time to reply and thank you for your volunteering work. I just wish the moderation team would set clearer rules for where ATCs are active in the expert server just so it could be easier to plan flights knowing for certain we’ll land in an ATC-controlled airport

Here’s the ATC schedule for the Expert Server :)

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Yes, but as Eric clarified, that is simply a guide for ATC volunteers to choose airports from. I’m talking about rules for ATCs in expert servers so us players can plan flights knowing for sure where ATCs will be. Cause with the current system, we only know which airports might have ATCs

There’s never “for sure”. But the best way is to fly to airports on the schedule; I would say that’s your best chance of getting atc. The other I can think of is really attending events with atc included. That’s basically guaranteed.

How’s that fair? If us pilots get to choose where we fly, I say ATC have every right to choose where they want to control.

When you say, ‘us’ you realize IFATC Controller are also pilots too? Just like you are. The only difference we would have would be access to controlling on the Expert Server, which everyone who has the privilege had earned. We are not super different…

In regard to your other message, I hate to break it to you, but controllers are users as well. If IFATC controllers were told where to control every day, then where would be the fun in that? That would be equivalent of pilots being told they are only allowed to fly to a certain airports that day.

Just as you guys have the freedom of flying anywhere, controllers have the freedom of controlling anywhere in there region. If you would enjoy more reassurance of an airport being staffed, I would recommend contacting a friend who is a controller in that region, or utilizing some options on Discord Servers that you can request ATC on.

I hope this helps shed some light on an alternate perspective. Have a nice evening everyone. :)

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I just thought I’d give some clarification too 😉. IFATC controllers are allowed to control whenever and wherever they wish to open as sometimes the schedule can get boring and overcrowded. There’s a large number of us on the IFATC team, so if we were only allowed to control the schedule, it’d get pretty inefficient if everyone was fighting to control only the schedule. We are trying our best to staff airports within the schedule and as mentioned before, the schedule is simply a designated area you’re likely going to get a higher chance of ATC at. We do apologize for any inconveniences and hope that there will be ATC at your next destination 🙂.

Hope this helps!

I absolutely agree with that, especially since they are volunteers. But ATCs in expert server are an amazing feature for us as subscribers, so it would be cool for us to be able to use that feature more often, we pretty much fly and hope and pray that we’ll land into an ATC controlled airport. Just think it would be cool for us to know for certain where ATCs will be

I think that’s fair and I agree with it, just think it would be cool for the moderation team to ensure there is more clarity as to where ATCs are so pilots can plan accordingly. I understand you guys are just volunteers and you’re subscribers and players just like us, maybe the moderation team can pay ATC controllers and assign them one airport per day, and keep the rest volunteer-based, idk. Just think there are ways to make the ATC experience in the expert server better for pilots that plan medium/long haul flights

Thanks :))

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