Atc in europe

Just realised atc is at Heathrow, Amsterdam, Paris, etc tomorrow so europe is going to be absolute carnage 🤣

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Hey with the introduction of SIDS, stars, and center. Traffic will be very organized! It will be a fun day to control tomorrow. Hope to see you in the skies tomorrow!


I’ll be coming in from Hyderabad as part of the morning rush, it’s gonna be good

Hopefully by tomorrow people are familiar with how to use the procedures, but yes, there is the possibility of there being some issues. Luckily these airports were designed to deal with heavy traffic!

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How do you know where ATC is? FNF hasn’t been released yet.

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It’s only Tuesday… FNF details are up on a Thursday;)


oh my god I am stupid
I thought it was Thursday


Lol happens to everyone!


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