ATC in Chicago

So, i usually do ATC on SoCal TS1, and i saw a couple ATC’s on Chicago. I thought KLAX got confusing sometimes in the tower, i saw some chicago airports (KORD, KMKE KMDW) that had a lot of runways and immediately got intimidated.

Is there any tips for places like this? to keep confusion down


Arrivals to one runway, departures off another


As The Op said use one for departures and one for arrivals. I also usually use one for pattern work as well so that everyone is organised.

If the runways intersect I line people up then as the landing aircraft gets clear I clear the other for takeoff and line another one up.


Compartmentalize your operation. See the field in sections rather than one big conglomeration.

Edit/Additional: After re-reading my own post I realized that I basically repeated what had already been said in different words. Apologies for the redundancy.

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Look at all the runways you have and decide what you want to use each runway for. I suggest using runways close to the terminal for departures and runways a bit farther away for arrivals to keep the traffic flow moving.

saw you flying not to long ago,i think it was in hawaii…could be wrong,in a fighter

I’ve been know to cruise around in a fighter when new controllers get certed.


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