ATC in Arab Region

Hey everyone, how are you today? Our topic today is why air traffic control members are not placed in the Arab region to enhance oversight and love of work. There are also many Arabs who love to play within their Arab countries as a kind of passion, like me, of course, I love to play in my country’s airport, HECA, Cairo International Airport. I hope. One day, monitoring schedules will be set there. The situation will be beyond imagination. Share with me, friends, what do you think about this topic? :)

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controllers were controlling the Middle East region just yesterday. We are in the US today.

Here’s the ATC schedule for this month:


Well, thank you, but I also hope to control the entire Middle East and not just a few airports like Dubai Airport. We want the entire Middle East and Africa.

I fully understand your frustration.

However, I find it logical that the staffed airports are the busiest of the regions in question. Sadly if ‘unknown’ airports are on the top of the schedule’s list, there is a high chance that it will be overlooked by IFATC controllers. And these controllers will, of course prefer high density/traffic airports, both for their ops count, to feel useful and because controlling is something time consuming. Spending 1 hour minimum controlling an airport where you will see 3 aircraft isn’t something very attractive.

You took HECA as an example, whenever this airport is on the schedule, I’m fairly sure it will be staffed throughout the day, because it’s 3D, has a lot of IRL traffic… etc

Finally, most of IF’s pilot are located in the US, Europe (at least this is my feeling) and they will tend to prefer airports they know, so in Europe and, unsurprisingly, the US.


I agree with you on this point. It is true that we are attracted to airports that have more crowding and work so that we do not feel bored. Airports are also three-dimensional, so they are very wonderful. We hope in the future that crowding will fill all corners of the map.


I’ve moved this topic to ATC and changed the title so that others actually know what it’s about. 😉

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that’s what I am talking about it ، Thank you very much, Mr. Jan. This is what I wanted to make it more exciting and interesting Let’s go dude😉🫡🖤

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