ATC Ignored on Training

I’m not really sure what to do about this. I suspect nothing can be done.
I’m finding more and more pilots on the training server have no interest in listening to ATC. If the training server is a place where we train/level up for the expert server then I don’t understand how you can be allowed to ignore ATC. I’ve had pilots take off toward incoming traffic. Recently I had a pilot log in and tune ATC out immediately. What are they training for? Are these flights really going to count toward them being allowed on the expert servers? Shouldn’t this really only happen on the casual server? It’s frustrating.

Hello 👋

I had the same situation two years ago and it was frustrating me . You sit there to provide service to other people and they don’t listen & care . This was the moment where I applied to the IFATC Team…. And I recommend to do the same .
Change it or leave it … and this would be the moment to change the server :))


the training server is sadly the casual with ATC.
We can’t do anything for that.

But for me if a pilot don’t listen to me, I just don’t care and continue control other pilot considering the other one don’t exist.


I totally agree with Luu, and Yukiros comments. I got my 500 ops, and am in the process of applying to IFATC, because some pilots think that if they tune out of ATC, they can just land on a runway which they originally wanted, while you gave them a different runway.


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