ATC ignored me

I was flyed now to EGLL and ATC Marco B ignored me. He was not answer me for all requests… And he answered to others… Interesting why?


You where more then likely unknown. So he physically couldn’t communicate with you.


Many aircraft’s callsign change to “UNKNOWN” on the ATC’s screen for some reason due to either connection issues or iOS 11 multitasking.
This means they cannot attend to you.
They know you’re there but cannot accommodate you.
To resolve this, exit your device then reenter it.
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What is it mean?
I was on his wawe…

Were you at what altitude?

approach = below 18,000 feet
tower = below 7,000 feet

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I play on galaxy and not on ios…
But thanks

I was bellow 7000… on downwind and final…

Well maybe you were offline at the time

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But I was listened his answers to others… So I was online…

Maybe the airport was really busy and thus they couldn’t respond.

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Hi responded to others and didn’t respond to me…
I don’t want to think so…but it may be because my callsing?

Once again, the airport was probably busy. What is your callsign? I can’t see the screenshot.

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The UNKNOWN appears when there’s a connection issue/bug. The controller is unable to respond to your commands/messages.


It means there was an internet connection issue, on either his end or your end, that causes a glitch where your aircraft appears as ‘unknown’ on his radar screen. This glitch prevents his from sending any messages to you when you message him.


But I hope that it was only technical problem

Most likely it had been your connection or the atc’s connection. Like everyone said, your callsign might of changed to UNKNOWN

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Now you can to see screenshot

Many times you’ll appear as “unknown” if you had connection issues on your end or disconnected session by temporarily exiting the app mid-session or multi tasking. If this was the case, please ensure you’re not bouncing between apps.

We are looking at a long-term solution for this.


Is this TS1 or Expert?

Expert :) it’s already been figured out