ATC Icon not Visible

Just departed Las Vegas. I see my com icon has disappeared. Something I did?

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What do you mean by the comms icon

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Is your live server connection red?

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Negative server color is green.

Yeah the button use to communicate has disappeared

I can do my flight plan but communication not there

I bet I know.
I reset my iPad and for some reason it always defaults me into the practice mode.

While I’m here, any way to have the current temperature in Fahrenheit instead of Celsius ?

Never heard of “Practice mode” If by that you mean solo mode. But whatever happens in solo shouldn’t affect what happens on the online servers. Unless it’s a bug/glitch, and in that case this should be in support. And probably already should be in #support so

Sorry. Yes solo mode. Ok when I land I’ll check.


I think there’s an option to change to Fahrenheit in settings, but I’m not sure. You’ll have to check for yourself.

No there is not.

Are you ok with the solo mode question?

Hi yes I’m good with the solo mode. As I mentioned, any time I do a hard reset of my iPad, it defaults me to solo mode.


If it were a connection issue, the headset would be there, just grayed out. It’s only absent under one condition.

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Sort of funny how speed and distance are in the American system of measurement but temperature and fuel are in metric.

Nm and knots are from, well, nautical traditions of measurement. They aren’t related to the statute miles of the Imperial System. (They were based on degrees latitude and longitude…or at least as well as they could approximate them at the time.)

Got it thanks. Being born and raised in the US I have a real hard time visualizing distances in kilometers and temperature in Celsius. I’m not saying the standard is better. It’s just what I grew up with.

I had this big thing written out, but even this will probably bring the off-topic cops.

Anyway, I’m the same, I grew up using Imperial. But I would happily just get used to measuring things differently if we adopted the system that makes any sense at all. Which, suffice to say, Imperial does not.

2 of these in one of those but 16 of those in this. 12 of these in this but 5280 of those in that. And 8 of those is 1 of these but 2 of those make 3 of these and…it’s just utter nonsense.

(Sorry, off-topic OCD people, I’ll stop now.)