ATC - How to get your foot in the door

Over the past year I have become more and more interested in becoming a ATC in the United States. I have looked into it but not with any dedication. I am beginning to look for training centers and jobs. I am looking for input/advise from actual ATC or, student ATC members that can give me a better insight on how to become a Air Traffic Controller.

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Go to an accredited 2 year community college that runs an atc program (CTI) and ask to speak to course counselor. They will be the best to guide you in this process.

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There’s also the military option if you qualify for the job and they have openings.

I’d recommend you hear the Flightcast podcast Episode 5 in which Jason Rosewell talks with real life controllers’ like Tyler Shelton and others about ATC in the United States. Could give you a fairly good idea. :)

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Thanks for the link. I will listen to it tonight.

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