ATC how can pilots correct them

Is there a way for pilots to tell ATC of an issue or problem? Recently controller, controlling EGLC was giving instructions to use the inactive runway 27 instead the wind conditions and active runway settings were showing 09 as the active.

If it’s not extremely gusty, you can safely land also on the red marked runways.
Anyway, if a controller assigns me the wrong runway, I continue to send requests for the right runway for me until he grants me it.

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HI Globespan. I suspect you mean me. I had been doing ground and tower for a bit at EGLC and when you came in I hadn’t realised the runway direction had changed in the last few minutes. Wind was 6 kts annd varying bewteen 350 and 010 so since teh runways are 27 and 09 the live runway kept changing.

Apologies, I did realise after about 3/4 exchanges when you kept asking for 09 and I kept telling you 27! Will do better next time :)

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Btw, I would agree with you, some type of free text message feature between you and ATC would be very useful.

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No worries I’ve done it myself in ATC mode myself :grimacing:

Thanks. Again apologies for my error.

Did a bit more controlling at EGLL earlier this evening. Winds pretty much the same so hoverring between 350 and 040. Inevitably at the busiest time the wind changed meaning the runways changed from 09 to 27. It was quite taxing to start swapping departures and arrivals to the other runways. Without an Approach controller it is difficult to do with the arrivals.

Alex, your the “Man”! An apology! Good Show. ( I was in the mod on this occasion.) Max Sends

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