ATC hint!


If you are an approach controler, always try to setup an approach system like shown here


They have approach charts that help them I think,but it’s still a nice Idea


I cannot get over the plane flipping upside down in the background 😄


There are different Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARS) for every airport.


It might look practical but it all depends on each airport star charts. You gotta consider terrain and departing traffics. There is no 1 fits all solution


Usually they would use the S approach to prevent a long line


@DiamondGaming4 great catch!!! Hahaha. Looks like he was coming down egll approach thinking about how he can make approach better…he quickly start scribbling on his kneepad…then he looks up! Boom!!! He is upside down. :D


I’m not sure what server ATC you are directing this to, probably training ATC, but if you mean it to IFATC I’m pretty sure they know what they do 😉


Its for people entering the ATC area for the first time so i decided to give a hint.


wanted to give the pic a little special😂


Every airport situation is obviously different. But I’m a big fan of a downwind entry into a tight base. If you’re coming straight in, i try o space you end, but if not I’ll likely turn you into a short downwind and back into the base


By the way, The Picture was just an example how i made my system.


Pretty much like an enlarged traffic pattern




I tried to help guy who approached BIG at fl220…used the great tool to hold him at 7000ft. He switched frequency sky dived straight to 27L then to 27R. Surprisingly he made it. But what’s the point!?! Some ppl doing stunt in B777. It was training server.


For those that would like the IF coordinates for the Ockham Stack (OCK2F) arrival to 27L, here they are.

This is the OCK2F arrival then the transition to fly without ATC.



I have Lufthansa chart for nearly all airports. If anyone need charts pm me I will send you screenshot ;)