ATC hiccup?

I’ve seen this a couple of times, but I don’t know if it’s a bug or not.
Sometimes when I receive ATC instructions, I can’t respond because there are no green respond options.
Yesterday it happened again, during FNF. There were many aircraft and ATC messages were flooding the system. The audio ATC messages were lagging very much.
When I noticed my instructions on screen I hit the ATC button right away, but the green respond options were already gone. It happened only once yesterday.
I can’t reproduce this ATC hiccup.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Should I report it as a bug?


Was probably just server overload and device lag. Could be a bug though.

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It could be either one, so that’s why I asked. :)
The entire system was lagging yesterday. The aircraft weren’t taxiing by smoothly. Like several chunks of video were missing.

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I have many times especially at KLAX I thinks that’s the best option to report it as a bug

WOW! 7 times?!
I read about things turning “yellow” but I didn’t know what that meant.

Was it very busy? Could it a server overload? Or was it more like a bug?

Also keep in mind I haven’t been on live for a while so I have no idea what has been happening :-)

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You’ve been missing out! ;)

you could say a bit of both but to my perspective ill say it was a bug

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you missed a lot of things dude I advice you get back on it as soon as possible

I have a problem when controlling on the playground server where aircraft on the ground request take off but I can’t respond as it only comes up with the commands for when the planes are in the air, for example cleared to land

I’m not a controller, so I wouldn’t know anything about that. Sorry.

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It could explain why you have problems as I do when controlling so may be its all connected in some sort of weird magical way :)

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