ATC Help

When i am ATC and people ask me for GPS Approach what am i gonna do then? And also how to send like tower is closing in 5 min

You vector them for the GPS approach, more tutorials on how to do that can you find on the Infinite Flight YouTube site

And about the message you’re closing. If you select an aircraft and get up the ATC menu, there should be a little box saying ¨Broadcast Message ¨ click that and you will see what you have to broadcast. Closing in 5 minutes is one of them ;)
Also when you broadcast a message, that shows up yellow to all aircrafts :)

  1. Tell them expect gps approach for the runway (same thing as ils so 30 degrees intercept etc

  2. Go into broadcast message tab and press on closing in


Ok this goes rlly fast but thanks for helping me ill try the methods tomorrow and see if it works! :D