ATC Help?

I just reached grade 3! I was flying for my first in expert :) I was told to: Learn to use the ATC on the forums…? I have never been told to on training, Any ideas? Thank you

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I’d recommend you consider the situation in which you were told to check help, and then take a look at this post:

If you want, you can also contact the controller and ask them what you did wrong!

Will check the tutorial out!

The ATC may be referring to missed atc callouts such as left downwind, right base etc which is not something I understand

Were you doing Pattern Work at the field?

Hi @Charles_L,

We have a great section on this forum called #tutorials where you can check out some tutorials for using ATC and flying with it. I have managed to find two that I think explain it the best.

I also recommend checking out tutorials for ATC, even though you might not use it, it will help you understand the instructions and how they apply to you. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me and I will be glad to assist.

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Definitely should check out pattern info if you’re struggling with that, it’s very important to ATC

Thanks everyone

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No more replies are necessary


Yes Dont worry i dont need anymore help

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