ATC Help - Remaining in the Pattern

Hi. When planes are remaining in the pattern, are you supposed to direct them from take off to enter left/right downwind and right/left base etc or will they do that on their own accord?

You are not supposed to direct traffic when they are in the pattern. Simply issue them sequencing and clearance and you’re good.


Okay, so XXX, number X, traffic to follow is XXX

Yes, use that to sequence the planes.

Okay, why is there no number 1?

You don’t need to sequence the first plane.

Ahh, okay, thank you :) Are you an ATC on the Advanced Server?

Yes sir. :)

Because an aircraft flying a circut on his/her own obtains no danger of causing a collision to other aircraft. Sequencing is used to maintain safe separation between multiple aircraft flying the same circut. If there are no other planes to cause danger: sequencing isn’t really necessary.


Great info here! As for deciding which direction to send them, consider nearby airports that may conflict and multiple runways. When using 04L, it makes more sense to send that traffic left, while sending 04R traffic to the right. Airports like KSMO, would be better with traffic to the north so that they’re not overflying KLAX aircraft. Many factors to consider!


Hi, what about if a plane is taking off from 04L, I send it left, but it wants to land at 04R, do I allow that or can I change it?

It is completely your discretion. If you want to change runway(s), Send "Enter Right/Left Pattern leg runway 04R