ATC help please

I was told to land at at KLAS number 2 and right before I was straightening my plane for the runway I saw my F16 speed was a little fast but saw it slowing down and I was slowing down pretty fast and I thought I was not doing anything wrong think I was following the rules and want to know why I got a level 3 violation and why did the ATC not get a watch your speed broadcast to me or something on the lines of that so I would know to slow down or tell me to make a left/right 360 just like I have down in the past were my plane/jet was going to fast

I think because I got the violation I have to wait for a couple of month till I can join EXPERT again and I just got on JAN 4th after waiting a whole year for my all level 2/3 violations to go away I am trying my best to follow ATC and infinite flight rules and every time I join EXPERT sever I get kicked this is why I don’t fly on the EXPERT

ATC name was @nicopizarro and would like to know what I did wrong or if I hit the kick button of accident I know KLAS is very busy

I can’t wait for another year for my violations to go down because that a long time not being on the expert server and that were I have the most fun and I just applied for FEDEX team on infinite flight and it a lot of fun and now that I am back on level 2 I think they will kick me out

can someone help me or explain what I did wrong





Please contact the controller directly or the appeals team and they will be able to assist you.

Thanks mate!


how do I do that I tried doing that last time and they never reached out to me

You can send them a PM, I’ll also notify the controller and they may contact you instead.

he is probably busy at KLAS and what a PM

A PM is a private message. Others can’t see it. Only you & that said person can see.

oh ok so do I message him and he said you did wrong and we go our ways

Nico is an ATC trainer, thus he is very active. Once he finishes his session, he will be able to contact you. Send him a message (link this topic if you so chose), and he can either tell you the issue, or help you to the appeals department.

Since he is a trainer, I would assume his report is valid. Being in IFATC myself, I can say that a “mistake report,” is nearly impossible, since you must confirm 2 times that you would like to report.

Happy flying :)

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You can get a clear explanation on the reason since he’s the one who reported you.

and do I dare connect with appeals because they did not get with me last year so I waited a year for my violation to go which was JAN 4

Don’t feel threatened to not contact them. Contact the controller first, and he will let you know the reasoning. If you decide that you still think what you did was not worthy of a violation, contact appeals.

You’ve got two options, contact the controller via PM to resolve it or go through the appeals team. The choice is yours.

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yes I do believe I was not doing anything wrong and I knew my plane was going a tad fast so I slowed down

It appears that to me that you were going 297 kts on final. That is way too fast. Even though those fighter jets have more room until you actually get a level one violation at lower altitudes, you should never be going faster than 220 (even still fast) on final. Therefore, the report seems valid.

I’m not one to speak, though as I was not there.


Hello, feel free to contact @appeals and we can take a look at your replay! Thanks! :)

Hello, I was the controller. I’ll PM you :)

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I know that by the time I saw that I slowed down

sent you a message no hate just want understanding that’s all

297 knots at 3640ft wow. Some airshow happening at Las Vegas lol jokes

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yay I know that and I slowed down even more and even stalled and then I got a violation