Atc help needed

Is there a video that explains downwind legs and right base left base. I’m trying to become IFATC

Hey there! I’m glad you’re trying to become IFATC, here is a visual example of the legs of a pattern. PM me if you have any questions about IFATC!


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Feel free to use this resource to give you some insight on how operations are performed: Air Traffic Control Tutorials - YouTube

Also, I would recommend looking at for links to their training resources!

Also this!

So crosswind is directly opposite of the base and crosswind is used when flying in pattern and only after takeoff right??

You can use right/left crosswind communications for both arrival & pattern purposes, but normally it’s used when Unicom is in operation.

Maybe this video tutorial will help you understand the legs of the pattern.

Yes, crosswind is the leg where you turn right after takeoff.

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How come I’m never given crosswind after taken off. Is that because I’m not Remaining in pattern

Hey mate,

That would be correct. These commands are only issued when an aircraft is remaining in the pattern.

The command “turn crosswind” isn’t even used that much which aircraft remaining in the pattern and is more commonly known to be used when aircraft are told to extend upwind by the controller, the turn crosswind command usually follows once the controller instructs.

Hope this help provide some clarity!

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