ATC Help Ghost Nimrods


Looks like as a controller on the Playground, I can’t report or Ghost a user. Understandable. It would be nice though, if I could help other ticked off users ghost nimrods and trolls.

Case: User Jonathon Evans - M238JR, decided to show up at St. Maarten and completely ruin the experience for N383MA, who was doing pattern work, and I. Causing go arounds, responding to “please follow instructions” with “Your Welcome!” and generally just being a tool.

Side note for @matt and @philippe; are we gaining any kind of controller rating while in the playground?

Auto ghosting system on ATC Playground server
IFC History

Oh, and then he decided to blast us with about 50 “Request frequency change” messages. Talk about aggravating.


Is he still there?


No - I think my pilots finally ghosted him. I saw you show up, @matt. Thanks for checking.


I second @jasonrosewell request. It’s frustrating.


Need to allow Mods to do this. ;)


There should be an option to not Ghost users, but hide them. This will remove them from view, but not ghost them.


That’s what ghosting is;)


Aren’t there only like 2 or 3 mods though?


But then we would have people abusing that power. We need to be careful about letting playground ATC take ghosting responsibilities. I am saying this as a occasional playground ATC.


All I’m suggesting is that the ATC controller be able to “help” pilots ghost people. You need 2 pilots to report someone before they’re ghosted. Maybe if ATC has a vote it would be easier and faster.


No, I mean they would be invisible only to you.


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Some people should be able to get in direct contact via email to ask/listen/educate/ warn.


I did that to @Zachary_Meir_Tish


Can I just add that naming and shaming in the forum is not the way to go- even if it is a nimrod. If they are on the forum PM them asking to explain their actions.


Would be nice!


@IceBlue I disagree. From the sounds of it, it was a blatant disregard for others and an attempt to upset and aggravate others.

Innocent simple mistakes, yes, it’s inappropriate to name and shame.

But I have no time whatsoever for imbeciles who ruin the experience for every other paying customer.


A fair point, in this case it was justified, though it shouldn’t be a ‘norm’ of the forum.


On the Playground! Give the ATC “Return to Parking” Option.
Problem Solved! Max Sends

(Return to parking already programmed in crash sequence. Cut & Paste)