Atc help as newbie takes control

Ok thought I’d give infinite flight ago…
So flying from a local airfield Barton Manchester I’d thought I’d try and land at Manchester airport ok 😊
So put in flight plan great but once out of departure how do you get connected to Manchester atc to ask if I can land etc am guessing runway in use would be from manchester information ?? All replies gratefully received.
Ps can you change aircraft reg numbers as well cheers andy

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You have to be a certain distance to the airport to contact the frequency.

To change your callsign click on your name on the top right on the manin menu after clicking on live and then click on your callsign to change.

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You can NOT change the aircraft’s registration number.

Approach is avalible 50nm out and Tower is 27nm out. You click the headset thing at the bottom left, then find the appropriate frequency, and then click on the frequency. If the frequency you want to talk to is not listed, your too far away from the airport.


Thanks so roughly wanted to get atc just within the 3rd ring of airspace but didn’t land as to not wanting to upset the SIM 😊

Aircraft reg changed thanks 😊

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Your talking about tower. You would defiantly not want to wait till you reach the 3rd ring. You will get sent an on guard message every time if you are descending into EGCC. You want to contact EGCC at 27nm out.

The on guard message would say “insert callsign your in an active airspace, please contact Manchester Tower on insert frequency”.

Edit: Clarified by @Dillon_Lewis.

If you are flying on TS ( Trainingsserver) Then sometimes there are ATC that just spam you with commands or give inappropriate commands. You need to be aware of this. On the Expertserver the ATC are trained and tested before controlling there. Then they are called IFATC. Btw: If the frequency that you search is in white, then it means that at the airport you can only use Unicom to cummunicate with other pilots and organize yourself. If it’s green then there is active ATC.

We were told to only to on guard aircraft within a range of 10 Nm and below 5000 feet AGL

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Ok 10nm, I did not know that. Now I do. Glad I commented.

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Ok just been flying from Barton to Manchester to Liverpool with no communication from Unicom or other however just approaching Liverpool it said 1 min to destination so not sure but grateful for idears and your input 😊

You have to contact the Unicom frequency of the airport you’re heading to (The Unicom only has a range of 27 Nm I think), Announcing inbound and then choose from Straight in to Left/Right Traffic. The link is basically A pattern with the names of the different legts. So an example is: Wizzair 202 Inbound for landing, will make left traffic for runway 34. Then, a little bit later: Wizzair 202 is on left Downwind Runway 24. And later you have to report your position on Base and on Final. I hope you can understand what I mean. Here’s the link:

10nm is absolutely not the truth. That’s 3nm outside of the ILS cone. You can and should on-guard any aircraft within your airspace (26nm) that isn’t with an approach controller, no matter the altitude. The only time that we don’t is when it appears a pilot is asleep or going to overfly their destination. (above 30k and not descending)

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That’s what I thought @Dillon_Lewis. I hope/think you are directing this at @skotshi because your replying to me?

PMs if you want to continue the conversation because I might.

You are absolutely mistaken with this remark. Towers airspace is still defined in IF as 5NM and 5,000 AGL. In RL you call in at 10 NM from the field. However in if you do want to do it as soon as possible since everyone has to shoot for that ILS cone since they don’t know any other way. To onguard someone at 26NM and any altitude however is obserd.


Ok guys think I found it I think it’s to do with the grade think grade 1 fly without atc grade 2 with atc and cannot remember number 3 now it kinda makes sense but thanks for the replies as all ways I appreciate it and any comments still greatfully received.
I have been reading a book on anti-gravity great read and cannot put it down 😊

Unless there is an active ATC at the airport, then Unicom will be the only option (for any grade/ any server) pilot. ATC is only available on the training and expert server

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Maybe it was on unicom

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